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Panasonic Sandwich Maker

Rs.2,899.00 Rs.4,499.00
    • 2 slice sandwich
    • Power and ready light with 230V/750w
    • Stainless Steel plastic insulated Case
    • Smart Temperature Control


    Are you tired of toasting your Bread slices on a fry pan or in an electric toaster? Get a prepared, toasted and refreshed sandwich with the Panasonic 2 Slice Sandwich Maker – Panasonic p-301. This remarkable hi-tech machine not just toasts your sandwich but also shapes and compresses your sandwich no matter how much fillings are stuffed inside your sandwich. Moreover, the corner of the slices are punched together avoiding any over flowing or falling of the stuff present inside your sandwich. Furthermore, this sandwich maker can automatically adjust the temperature and it also notifies you when your sandwich is completely prepared with a green flashing light. The lock on the handle locks and compresses your sandwich allowing all the heat to be focused on your sandwich.

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