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Mini Sewing Machine 4 in 1

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  1. Premium Quality 
  2. 4 in 1 Mini Sewing Machine in Pakistan is available online at A stitching machine at your own home is very useful. Buying a huge machine occupies a lot of space and it’s very heavy as well. This As Seen On TV 4 in 1 mini sewing machine is very useful, which has following features:

    • It is very easy to use.
    • It is light weight.
    • It has tension adjusters, robbin rewinder and flexible hand wheel.
    • It has easy “Drop-in” bobbin, and bottom bobbin.

    4 in 1 Mini Sewing Machine Price in Pakistan is best offered online by us. Buy now and do you stitching at your own.

    It is also called a portable sewing machine. As you open the box you five to six things, for example, you get a machine that is ready to use with preinstalled thread and needle, there is also a pedal switch and power adapter. With the help of your foot, you make the machine work by the pedal.

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