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Callus Remover Foldable Bucket

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  • Perfect foot basin for at-home callus removal, treatments of dry hard skin, athletes foot, wart removal, and preparation for pedicures.
  • A foot bath holds the right amount of water to easily soak feet and has high sides so that you do not splash water everywhere and make a big mess.
  • The sides of the footbath are designed to easily pick up and empty after you are done. Easily dump water into the bathtub, sink or toilet after you are finished your foot treatment.
  • Once you are done the container folds into a compact size to stow away for future use. You never need to empty the bucket of clutter to use, as it folds away for easy access and use.
  • The foot bathtub is great for the use of Epsom salts, eucalyptus oil, essential oils, foot scrubs, and more.
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